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Karyn Vaughn started her business in 1986.  While running the business all these years, she also loved pursuing other things:  College, kids, rodeo producer, military spouse, CFO, owned a restaurant, empty nest, writer, more college, corporate executive, leave the corporate world behind for full-time self employment once again.  Those experiences provided insight and knowledge that give her a unique perspective on how to guide small business owners to succeed.  She knows what it takes to run a business.

You, the small business owner, did not get where you are without expertise, hard work and making good decisions.  Continue to do what you do best and put us on your team to help you do even better.

Our team at KV Consulting loves helping clients grow and thrive, whether you are at the start-up phase or ready for a Fractional CFO.  We meet you where you are - to help you move forward and accomplish your goals.  We speak your language.

We take pride in our Core Values:

  • We build relationships.  We can only help our clients if we really know them.  They can only trust us if they really know us.
  • We work hard.  We eagerly do everything possible to assure our clients' success.
  • We do the right thing.  For the client, for compliance, for our team.  We admit when we fall short and fix it.
  • We practice kindness.  We believe in being friendly and respectful to our clients and fellow team members.
  • We enjoy our work.  We strive for a productive yet relaxed business environment where everyone is working in their unique ability.

We understand the needs of the small business owner.  We would love to work with you.

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We would love to talk to you about your business, your challenges, your unique abilities and how we can help you build a strategy to take you to the next level. 


MBA Jack Welch Management Institute
Certified Management Accountant
QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor